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Football Master

Football Master

Football Master

Football Master


Enter a competition to choose your favorite team and compete for the title of Football Master. You control a football team of one to two players. You can play short matches or compete in tournament mode for the title of Football Master. You can become a champion by winning the final and moving through the rounds. You can choose between two players. Each player has a unique power. Are you looking to kick a ball with ferocity? Choose thunderbolt. You want to be fast enough to teleport behind the ball. A teleportation is an option. In the cooperative mode, you and your buddy can play against one another. Football Master will prepare you for the Euro 2020 tournament. Can you win the championship?

How To Play

First Player

  • W, A, S, D keys to move.
  • B key to shoot.
  • V key for super shoot.

Second Player

  • Direction keys to move.
  • L key to shoot.
  • K key to super shoot.

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