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Share is a cooperative io game in which players use spells and cannons to fend off waves of zombies. You and your fellow players are dropped into a 3D environment populated by various block creatures.

There are four playable classes, each with its unique set of abilities: the Warrior, the Mage, the Shaman, and the Archer. The Warrior is the traditional melee fighter class, known for its durability and combat prowess. A Mage can perform spells and deliver harm from a distance. The Shaman is a healer and buffer who can also do damage over time to foes. The Archer's arrows may cause damage from a distance, and he can use some of them to heal himself.

The goal of is to gain experience and level up as quickly as possible so that you may buy the best gear and become an unstoppable force. By banding up with other players, you may defeat stronger monsters and rival players, get better equipment, and eventually challenge the king of the opposing side.

All of your in-game actions will revolve on accumulating gold. You may sell the gear you get from your dead opponents that you have no need for or have extras of. Each side has a merchant posted next to their respective king. If a faction's merchant dies, he won't respawn until the server is restarted. The gold you earn may be used to purchase enhancements to your class abilities. Every each level of expertise costs more than the one before it, so you'll have to choose the abilities you develop based on the resources you have available.

To satisfy your massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) itch, check out Its straightforward design allows you to step right in and begin slaughtering legions of enemies in no time!

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  • If you've played MMORPGs previously, you shouldn't have any trouble grasping the game's straightforward tab-targetting combat and controls.
  • Pick From Four Classes - From the list of four available classes, you may pick to play as a tank, healer, mage, or archer. Each class has its unique set of talents, strengths, and limitations.
  • It's OK to play alone, but teaming up with other players utilizing the game's one-click party-finding system will enable you to knock down enemies more quickly and provide you additional EXP and treasure benefits.
  • All creatures are aggressive, so you'll need to boost your game if you don't want to find yourself swiftly encircled by an expanding crowd of them.
  • In open-world PvP, you will face off against opponents from the other group without any safe zones to retreat to, in addition to hostile beasts.

How To Play

  • You can move your character with WASD
  • Make a jump with the spacebar
  • Look around with the mouse and attack with the left mouse button
  • 1234 keys can also be used to activate your skills.

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