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Stickman Home Escape

Stickman Home Escape

Stickman Home Escape

Stickman Home Escape


Stickman Home Escape - A fun, logic-based adventure game where players assist a stickman to escape his home using the things he finds.

Stickman Home Escape is a real challenge. Stickman was placed on suspension for stealing from his family. As a punishment, Stickman must cancel his date with the sweetheart.

The young man will give everything to his love, even his freedom, in order to find his true love. It would have been worse if he was discovered with a knife. He rests in his hotel and his love waits in the park. Your help is vital when he attempts to escape. You can help him uncover his past before moving on to the next stage. It will amaze you what you can accomplish with the box in you room. Which one of these solutions will produce a positive result? You might find more options after you have watched the short advertisement. Each option can be used to determine the destination of the stickman. You may go on to the next chapter when you have removed the extraneous pieces. The unexpected can help a young couple reunite. It is the beginning of an incredible journey for you. Best of luck!


  • A humorous tale of two loves
  • Unanticipated outcomes and opportunities
  • Bonus options that may be unlocked
  • Accessible on mobile

How To Play

Use Mouse to Play

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