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Sea Monsters Mahjong

Sea Monsters Mahjong

Sea Monsters Mahjong

Sea Monsters Mahjong


Sea Monsters Mahjong will take you on a trip to the deep sea. Prepare yourself for an action-packed Act I adventure where your planning and skill will determine the outcome of your journey.

You must use clever matching to match the sea monster tiles in this exciting game. Only draw tiles in the uppermost layer that are free of obstacles. Consider your next move carefully to uncover the amazing aquatic life that lies beneath the surface of the water. As you dive into the deep ocean, prepare to be amazed by mermaids, dolphins playing and the Kraken.

Mahjong is a relaxing game that features adorable underwater animals and a welcoming marine environment. Mahjong is a relaxing game featuring adorable sea animals in an oceanside setting. The controls are simple. Sea Monsters Mahjong is a magical world where you can let out your inner adventurer.

Are you the top Mahjong player in the world? Take on the challenge to embark on a thrilling underwater adventure. Enjoy it!

How To Play

  • To move around the board, use your mouse or touchpad.
  • To choose which tiles are available for matching, click or touch on them.
  • Press the hint button for further assistance.
  • Reach new levels to get more time.

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