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Share was developed based on Strike Tactics, a real-time RTS game. "Strike Tactics Battle Arena", the official spinoff of web RTS Strike Tactics (, was previously known as "Tactics Core."

You can choose from a wide range of cutting-edge weapons in the conflict, including robots, tanks, jets, and spacecraft. Fight to win your army in an epic battle between the blue and red armies. Spaceships are available, as well as robots. Tanks, planes, and other types of force. You can start with the Javelin artillery and Manta air fighter units. You can unlock better troops, such as Gladiators and Harpys, by killing more enemies. By killing more enemies, you can unlock stronger troops like the Ion Cannons and giant flying battleships.

Both sides start with limited supplies. When you defeat enemy units, their supply counters decrease, and new enemies spawn to replace them. As the supplies run out, the Command Center is vulnerable, as are the defenses. Work together to destroy the enemy's Command Center before they do yours.

How To Play

  • Clicking may be used to fire, and arrow keys or WASD can be used to maneuver.
  • In addition to shooting lasers and launching missiles, the number keys may also be used to create shields and perform other actions.
  • You may communicate with your colleagues by entering a message and hitting Enter.

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