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Enjoy an action-packed multi-player experience as you dive into the world of You must gain power if you wish to succeed in this game. Keep an eye out for your rivals' attacks.

Can you survive the never-ending combat that this game offers? Start the game by selecting your favorite hero. But you cannot choose every character. Watching ads is sometimes required to unlock new characters.

You should be prepared to deal with a lot of players in a multiplayer-style game. Find out how to avoid the attacks of other players. By pressing D while the enemy is in front of you, your character can increase its speed. After you aim your sword and have it aimed at the enemy, you can strike with the left-clicked mouse.

On your journey, you will notice many colorful places. Collect unique stones and fight with your friends. You will encounter many slime molds that can slow down your progress. Your weapon stats can be upgraded with each kill. Then, you will be more vulnerable to attacks from your opponents.

After a match has ended, statistics will appear. In the table of statistics, you can track all your stats, including kill count, time and score. What's the reason you hesitate? Come and play with us now!

How To Play

  • Mouse to move.
  • Mouse clicks to wave the sword. 
  • D to speed boost

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