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Share is a top-down, rapid-fire multiplayer shooter with exciting PvP and cooperative game modes. Three game modes are available; one allows you to fight virus-infected zombies in a cooperative setting. This IO-game on the browser gives you all of the experiences that come with a first-person shooting game with deathmatch. You have a variety of different weapons available to you. Don't use the same weapon for all of them. Each has its own unique qualities.'s Deathmatch mode is a great way to gain real-world skills. The penultimate mode of play will see hundreds of players converge on a single field for brutal combat. Whoever has the most powerful character will win. The game is played on an expansive and diverse map. A's enticing atmosphere and unique gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Enjoy the thrilling battles by jumping in!


  • Online activity that moves quickly 
  • A safe dedicated server
  • Numerous game types, including Deathmatch, Team CTF, Infection, and more!
  • Hundreds more distinct slayers are on the way, and more are always being added!
  • Machine guns, shotguns, rifles, several kinds of laser weapons, heal guns, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and many more weaponry are constantly being added, along with new game elements.
  • Many gamers who are active worldwide. really simple to discover a pleasant match.

How To Play

WASD to moving character; LMB to shoot; RMB to jump; R to reloading weapon; 0-9 to switch weapon

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