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Share is a multiplayer online game where players use swords to fight each other. The browser-based version of this game is a hit among those who enjoy fast-paced combat with swords and addictive gameplay. is a video game in which players assume the role of swordsmen. The objective of this game, where they take on the character of swordsmen and destroy enemies, is to stay alive while fighting off dangerous opponents. The game has two modes: player-versus-player or food chain. In player-versus mode, you can kill players higher up in the chain, but not in food-chain mode. The only difference between these two modes is the level of difficulty. This game is perfect for those who want a quick gaming fix or just a casual experience. Its simple principles make it a great choice. Are you clear now? Now is the time to join and start your journey!


  • An evolution-based sword game
  • Various creatures to pursue to get food
  • Game modes: PvP and Food Chain
  • Safe areas where you can defend yourself

How To Play

  • Mouse to move
  • Left click to attack
  • Right-click to dash

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