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It's nice to have you here at Join the ranks of the competitive players on! After starting out as a small snake, your goal is to be the largest worm in the world. By eating all the light spots, you can grow. Your talents can help you advance within your company. Similar to If your snake's head strikes another snake's, you both will die. There are many skins that can be used for testing. It is very easy to learn and use. Are you confident that you can become the longest worm in the world? Enjoy the good times.

How To Play

  • Move your worm with the mouse pointer in a certain direction.
  • Consume orbs to increase your lifespan.
  • You will be eliminated if you collide with another player.
  • If another player collides with you, they will be killed and turned into consumable orbs.
  • To briefly increase your speed, click and hold the left mouse button.

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