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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors


Rock Paper Scissors, a classic online game with a new realistic sound, is now available. This game is also known as Roshambo by many people. This game has three teams. Each player has been assigned to one of three teams: Paper, Scissors or Rock. Paper is trying to capture Scissors. The scissors are then trying to capture Rock. You can add a captured player to your team, gain experience, and heal some of their health. As soon as you are captured and added to someone else's squad, you will start to lose your health. Your ultimate goal is to assume the role of Gold Crown. When your health bar runs out, you will lose. You can play the Rock Paper Scissors 2 Player game against a friend or the computer.


  • Avoid opponents who can capture you. Avoid being swarmed in particular by players from other teams, since they may quickly deplete all of your health in less than ten seconds.
  • Steer clear of getting "cornered." Getting out of the corner is difficult.
  • Select the qualities that best meet your needs. Make a sensible swap.
  • Reserving the boost for when you need it
  • Players with higher scores should be caught. When you capture a player, you earn more points the more points he has.
  • Some of the opponents' locations are indicated by lines and crowns (representing the top three players) on the screen's edge.
  • Apply the first six tactics to other people. 

How To Play

You can control the game with touch controls or by "A, S, D" and "J, K, L" on keyboarded devices. 

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