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Share is a unique IO game that will captivate you. offers a unique and thrilling experience for players, as swinging flails are the primary weapon instead of the typical shooting or tactical gameplay seen in most IO games.'s controls and gameplay are very intuitive. However, becoming an expert at swinging the mace can be challenging. The WASD keys control the movement of your character, and the mouse controls the swinging motion. It's important to gain some momentum before you go for the kill. You must be careful because a single strike can destroy you. As you defeat more enemies, the mace grows and your score increases.'s mayhem isn't as infectious as and's, but it's still great for short bursts with friends. How long can you survive in Zlapio? Enjoy yourself and find out!


  • Swinging Mechanics:'s primary gaming mechanic is the swinging flail. The mechanics of swinging must be mastered by players to use their flail both offensively and defensively. This special mechanism gives the fights more nuance and uncertainty.
  • Player interaction is at the heart of's aggressive multiplayer style. Take part in fierce combat with other players, trying to hit them with your flail and stay out of theirs. Every interaction in the game is certain to make your heart race because of how quickly it moves.
  • Power-ups: provides power-ups to add some flavor to the action, which may help you win battles. These power-ups let you to execute clever moves by enlarging your flail, providing momentary invincibility, or increasing your speed.
  • Dynamic venues: The game has several constantly shifting venues, each with its unique set of difficulties and barriers. Adjust to your environment, make the most of it, and outwit your adversaries.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards: has a competitive feature with achievements and leaderboards. Take against gamers from around the globe in a competition to get the top place and earn exclusive accomplishments.

How To Play

WASD or arrow keys to move. Your flail spins automatically. The size of your mace will grow as you hit other players.

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