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Share, a free-for-all team-based adventure game that takes place in the ocean, is open to all. replaces the popular io game Your mission is to consume as many foes and climb up the leaderboard. You become the ocean's leader if you reach the summit. There are many methods to increase your fish population. There are eggs that can hatch into fish, as well as single fish. You can simply approach the fish and it will join your team. You may also be able to grow smaller fish into bigger ones. This will help strengthen your team. This is a multiplayer game, so invite your friends. You will have more fun. Aquar IO lets you be the leader of your aquarium while still having fun.

How To Play

  • Use mouse pointer to direct your Queen fish.
  • Use left mouse button or W key to attack.
  • Use right mouse button or Space key to merge your creatures.
  • Hold right mouse button or Space for a long period of time to devour your own creatures.
  • Use mouse wheel or + and - keys to zoom view in and out.

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