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Share was inspired by the popular gaming game. In this game, you must live as long and as healthy as possible while eating other players.

Begin eating and playing the game with other players. You must grow big enough to eat all the other players on the board. You need to focus on the smaller players in order to gain points and progress. You may also be able to expand the size of your blobs or detonate particles. Do you feel confident about your ability to win? By purchasing power-ups from an in-game shop, you may be able to gain a competitive advantage. Use your own power-ups, portals and minions to attack foes twice as fast. You must play smartly to gain the most blobs on the map. This will allow you to win the game and show your superiority. Have fun.


  • Vivid colorful game
  • Familiar 2D graphics
  • Many items for you to mine
  • Join the fiercely competitive arena to grow
  • Very attractive gameplay

How To Play

  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to split your blob into two or more smaller blobs.
  • PRESS W to eject mass.

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