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Share is an online soccer multiplayer game that is fast and fun. Your only goal is to win by helping your teammates. Your teammates and you must score the highest combined score in order to win.

The first game begins and you can choose to play with friends or alone. To score a goal, you need to first get the ball past your opponent's defense, and then stop the goalkeeper in his tracks. Selecting "Worldwide Chat" will allow you to join the global chat and interact with other players. To score goals, you'll need to know how to rush the goalie while anticipating his moves. To show your soccer talent, you can rely on the support of your teammates. This storied football match is all about you. You can show your skills and play the game now.

If you can hit the floating targets beyond the grid, your score will double. To prove your skills, you must overtake the goalie in this fast-paced and realistic soccer simulation. Register now to save your data. Enjoy yourselves!


  • Game with the participation of many players.
  • Various characters for you to customize.
  • Choose the country you like.
  • Fast-paced game.
  • How to control by familiar, easy keys.

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move
  • Right click to run
  • Left click to kick
  • Use Space key to slide
  • Use the E key to call your teammates

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