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You'll be going into space with the whole crew in the entertaining game Impostor. There is one problem, however, and that is the presence of an impostor among you. Keep an eye on your surroundings because if you find yourself in a room alone with another person, it may be the impostor. They want to murder you and the rest of the team. They won't relent, and they won't struggle to damage you and wreck the ship. It will be challenging to locate them, but you must persist in your search and keep an eye out for any unusual activity. Can you finish your spacecraft sabotage and eliminate the true crewmates? Come on, let's see! 

Impostor is one of the best Arcade games you can play on Krunker.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers, no required installation and total free!
Impostor has been played by thousands of gamers who rated it 1 / 5 with 1 votes.

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