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Share This gripping game of knife games requires players to acquire as many blades as possible, wrap them around themselves and beat other players.

Choose a blade from the menu. You can combine two different types of blades into one. A large sum of cash can be used to purchase more items and unlock unique weapons. You can inflict even more damage when weapons are improved. To gain more coins, you can join a match. To travel around the battlefield, click the left mouse button and hold it. Every second, gather materials to improve your gear and increase the damage you do. By standing still, you may assume a defensive stance. If you want to fight, you need to approach your opponent. The person with the most knives wins. Each round ends with the goal of being the most dangerous player. Have a wonderful time!


  • Various types of knives
  • Leaderboard supports
  • Multiplayer
  • Excellent graphics and a musical soundtrack

How To Play

  • Click and hold the left mouse button to collect weapons
  • Release to switch to a defensive position

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