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Share is a first-person shooter action game in which you lead a commando on a military jet to eliminate all opponents after you have successfully landed. Once on the ground, you must guard your back and cautiously navigate an enemy-infested landscape. Load your guns whenever feasible, shield yourself from firing by hiding behind various barriers and sturdy objects, and most importantly, fire without blinking to accomplish your objective in the least amount of time. Deadlines - you'll only have 10 minutes to get rid of your opponents! Are you willing to put yourself in danger and appreciate the risk? Enjoy a wonderfully realistic 3D world rich in colors and secret nooks, and explore every alley without fear. Good luck!

How To Play

  • Use the WASD key to move
  • R key to reload
  • SPACE bar to jump
  • Move the mouse to aim
  • Left-click to shoot

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