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Muscles Rush

Muscles Rush

Muscles Rush

Muscles Rush


Muscles Rush is a fun skill game that aims to make you into a "bulging species of mankind" within seven days.

Three other players and you begin with the same build: a lean athlete that must bulk up quickly by collecting dumbbells around a race track as fast as possible.

This competition will test who can finish a series of obstacles in the shortest time possible. Races can be held to determine who is the fastest at pedaling a tricycle, moving a mat, or swimming the longest distance. Please focus your attention on the color of your choice to maintain your direction.

If you've accumulated more dumbbells, then running over your opponent will force them to give up their strength. This may not seem like the best sportsmanship, but it can give you the edge.

The money that you get at the end of each level can be used to purchase new dumbbells and skins for the muscular hero.

How To Play

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