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Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE


Pocket ZONE, a new cooperative role-playing video game, may allow you to escape Chernobyl's nuclear facility. It has survival traits.

Pocket Survivor, Pocket Survivor 2 and Pocket Survivor 3 created a survival game that features text missions, an RPG and event visualization. This game is a wonderful mashup between traditional role-playing game mechanics and games like Fallout and Wasteland. It also features the most extreme survival conditions in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

The Zone is filled with mutants and artifacts, as well as adventurers, bandits, and other dangers. Many events and a well-designed system of classes and abilities create an insurmountable environment for survival on hostile worlds. You can learn how to survive and make money by visiting Chernobyl's nuclear power plant. You may have to leave the city and travel to areas where you are at risk. Is it possible to endure even one day in this zone's passionate embrace?


  • Learn about a challenging mobile survival system that incorporates the best RPG components and draws inspiration from the Fallout and Stalker video games.
  • Explore fascinating random text scenarios where your choices and external factors significantly affect your chances of survival and influence the outcome.
  • Participate in a difficult and well-thought-out mining system that consists of more than a hundred arbitrary events that need you to look for resources and contend with the hazardous environment of the Zone's aberrant planet.
  • Collect over 100 distinct types of items, such as legendary and mythical artifacts that may help you survive the dangerous and treacherous Zone. Guns, armor, backpacks, helmets, and clothing should all be part of this equipment.

How To Play

  • The goal of the game is to survive and get rich.
  • PC control: left mouse click on game elements.
  • Management on a mobile device: touch on game elements.

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