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Polar Fall

Polar Fall

Polar Fall

Polar Fall


Polar Fall is a fun game by the same team that created the Bear Bear Games. This level requires you to guide your character so that he can jump and run on the ice without having to touch the ground or fall into space.

Although it is still a falling game with new twists, the game's unique environments, laws, and controls will bring fresh life to the experience. Your bear character must travel through dangerously icy landscapes in order to reach the finish. You will encounter all kinds of obstacles, from gaps to Christmas trees. Special powers will be available if the squares are correctly arranged. This is easy. Click the mouse to go left or right. Let's find out if it is better to move left or right in order to avoid tumbling.

The stunning setting of this game is inspired by winter, with ice and snow. When are you planning to reach the mountain's foot? Let's have some fun with Polar Fall, everybody!


  • Simple mechanisms and controls

  • A stylish winter-themed image

  • Get the best grade possible

  • Numerous difficulties

How To Play

Click to turn Mr. Bear left and right.

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