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Run Gun Robots

Run Gun Robots

Run Gun Robots

Run Gun Robots


Run Gun Robots is an arcade game where the player must jump from one building to another, smashing hostile robots and avoiding deadly traps.

This action-packed game is your chance to win. This run-and-gun shooter requires you to jump from one building to the next while trying not only to destroy evil robots but also avoid lethal traps. You can earn money by defeating your adversaries, and you can spend it on new prizes to help you fight this new threat more effectively than anyone else. Do you enjoy shooting and running? You must ensure that enemy robots are on different maps as you fight evil. Are you ready to confront this challenge?

You will see that each enemy in the photo has its own weaponry and qualities. You can also pump your robot! Random skills and progressions can be dropped to help you reach the top of the conflict. Do you have the patience to deal with standard robotic shooters?

As superiors, you are anticipating colossal robotics. If all your opponents have been defeated, the gateway will open to a new level. These multiple-value automatic shooters require that you pass all of them.

How To Play

  • Spacebar to shoot
  • S or Down to pass trough a platform Game pad
  • A or LT to Jump
  • B or RT to shoot
  • D-pad Down to pass trough a platform

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