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Often described as "Pictionary" for the digital age, is a multiplayer drawing and guessing game played online. In live battles, players can pit their creativity and analysis against each other. You will see a happy animal avatar after entering your username. You can play with other people around the globe or make your own room. Choose one of the three terms and start sketching as accurately as you can. Then pass the pen on to the next player. They must try to guess. Do not worry about minor details if you are aiming to complete your task on time. As well as you, each player who correctly guesses your word gets points. will help you learn to draw. You can help someone draw by focusing and predicting the word quickly. The participants have only 60 seconds to create a guess as well as a drawing. You'll find everything you need, including paint and other supplies. You can save time by creating simple graphics. After each round, collect points and try to surpass your competitors. Enjoy using!


  • The two primary roles in the multiplayer drawing and guessing game are the drawer and the guesser. One player must draw a certain word or phrase, and the other players must guess what it is within a set amount of time.
  • Global Player Base: The option to play with friends or anybody in the globe promises a multifaceted and international player base, perhaps resulting in each match being distinctive and difficult.
  • most likely provides real-time games, allowing participants to engage and compete in a frantic and thrilling setting.
  • Word Selection: In the game, players may draw and guess from a list of words or phrases. This makes the gameplay more varied and keeps it interesting.

How To Play

  • Mouse: Use the mouse to draw on the canvas.
  • Keyboard: Use the keyboard to type your guesses and interact in the chat.

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