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Share is a multiplayer game in which kids attempt to wreak havoc in the classroom while professors attempt to stop them! If you begin the game as a student, you will be able to hurl things at the instructor, spill paint, ride a bicycle everywhere, put the music up extremely loud, trash the restrooms, and use fire extinguishers, among other antics that will enhance your overall chaos score. If the students can fill the Chaos Bar to 100 percent in fewer than five minutes, they will win the game. Nonetheless, two instructors will be there to supervise the pupils! If you play one of them, you must attempt to catch the disruptive students in the act of disobedience; if you are successful, they will be punished with 30 seconds of isolation in a closed classroom. At the conclusion of the five-minute game, the instructors will win if they are able to avert complete anarchy. On a variety of maps, you may develop your own amusing methods! Have fun!

How To Play

  • Pick up an object - E
  • Use an object - Hold down the left mouse button

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