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Share has a great deal of entertainment value! It's a Minecraft version of the popular Slither game. You can make a snake larger by stuffing the block with other Minecraft blocks. Eating a precious stone square will increase your focus. Don't accelerate the snake with the left button. With the right-click mouse, you can throw dynamite in your enemies' faces. To protect both yourself and your serpent, coil the tail around you. Do not worry about the situation. Eliminating the snake can help you increase your score and earn more game pieces. The opponent may also take over your squares. To bring your snake home, find the location of your death. Then collect bricks. You can use dynamite as a weapon to kill your opponents and remain alive for as long as you like!


  • The Minecraft theme
  • Attack your opponents with TNT.
  • Wearable custom skins of many types
  • Free and enjoyable game

How To Play

  • Mouse move: move
  • Left mouse button: speed up
  • Right mouse button: throw TNT
  • Enter: chat

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