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Share, a multiplayer game where you can play as a pingpong ball, is an entertaining and fun multiplayer game. The goal of the game is for you to knock the other players off the ledge. Each victim you hit will make you bigger.

As the result of growing body weight throughout development, a decrease in velocity can be expected. Your opponent will find it more difficult to defeat you.

The object of the game is for the ball to grow as big as possible. This game requires you to use a pingpong ball and a racket in a similar environment as if you were playing table tennis. Your opponents are slower and less skilled than you. Use your agility and quickness against them to knock them out. Are you determined to improve and become the best in your area? Give it a try!


How To Play

  • (W) : Move Forward
  • (A) : Move Left
  • (S) : Move Backwards
  • (D) : Move Right
  • (Shift) : Hold for short boost
  • (LMB) : CLICK to swing paddle, HOLD to charge up swing and hit with more power

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