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Super Goal

Super Goal

Super Goal

Super Goal


Super Goal is a soccer game where you have to draw a path for your soccer ball to follow to pass all obstacles and reach the goal. This is a unique experience that you shouldn't miss!

You must take the ball and move it across the field, passing any other players. These players will try to grab the ball from your hands and stop you from moving. Every level brings you a new challenge and new enemies.

Simply drag the mouse across your screen to play. No matter how difficult it might seem, you can still make progress. Good luck and remember that there are many other sports games in this category, so make sure you visit it to have even more fun. You might also like to share this game with your friends if you find it appealing. How far can you go with just three missed shots?

How To Play

  • Arrows keys = Directions
  • Z = A   
  • X = B
  • A = X   
  • S = Y
  • D = L   
  • C = R
  • Enter = Start
  • Space = Select

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