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Share is a multiplayer game where you can compete with an ever-growing number of other players. You can't deny that your ultimate goal is to eliminate all of your opponents. You will see a one-point increase in your rank on this leaderboard for every head you win. Keep it up and you could be the best player in the region. Your character will change with each point you earn. As you accumulate more points, your hero's character will improve. After watching an advertisement, you can earn points by participating in activities such as spinning the wheel to determine your destiny. You should not ignore the importance of developing your skills and improving your physical abilities. You will be able to fight better. You will have total control over the arena. Let's find the answer!


  • 30 well-known superheroes who will develop into
  • Your advancement is recorded in the Heroes Manual.
  • Action in an arena that moves quickly and keeps you interested
  • Use life tokens to raise your basic stats.

How To Play

  • Move your mouse to control the movement
  • Press left mouse button to attack
  • Press right mouse button to sprint

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