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The Last Miner

The Last Miner

The Last Miner

The Last Miner


The Last Miner is a 3D first-person shooter with lots of action in a blocky zombie-infested environment. Get ready for an exciting trip through a world filled with Noobs and Hackermans. You will also meet Hackerman Kings, Hackerman Hackermans, Gods and other interesting characters. As you struggle to survive against zombie swarms, the world collapses around you. You must clear all three maps to complete your assignment. Each map contains ten levels. Prepare yourself for many obstacles, such as zombie hordes, and gather essential supplies, including water or ammunition. You can improve your arsenal by playing with different weapons. Earn stylish skins. Accessories like backpacks or goggles can be added. Try to make it through the disaster.

How To Play

  • WASD to move.
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to run fast.
  • To make a bow, press CTRL.
  • Scroll to change weapons.
  • Aim with the mouse.
  • G to launch grenades
  • To reload, press R.
  • F to pick up items

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