Up Hill Racing

Up Hill Racing
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Up Hill Racing

Up Hill Racing is a physics-based driving game where you can drive uphill on a convertible a bike, a monster truck, or even a refrigerator.

The first landscape is composed of rugged, undulating mountain slopes with dense foliage and large open spaces. The player's avatar must travel at least 3,000 miles before unlocking the next environment. Because the game is so difficult, the player might need to drive the same road multiple times to win. Soon, the car runs out of gas and rolls over or reverses. It also lacks the power and momentum to handle steep climbs.

As the game allows players to keep the coins that they have earned before failing a level, their chances of winning increase. The cash can be used to upgrade their vehicle or make it more capable of traversing the terrain. They may increase the vehicle's acceleration and power, speed and fuel efficiency, as well as its ability to handle bumps and tire adhesion. Have fun!

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