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Voxorp is a tough .io star fleet warfare game featuring upgradeable spaceships and the ability to develop structures. Your primary objective is to pilot the mining spacecraft, collect resources, and construct a base. Level up your spacecraft and engage other players in combat! By generating points from your base, you may defend it and advance to the top of the scoreboard.

To traverse the map, use WASD or the arrow keys. To mine resources, click and hold them for a moment, then release them. After accumulating enough XP, you may level up, which will give you access to a new spaceship and a number of extra modules for your ship. Modules are the mechanism through which you may augment your spaceship. Drag them from your inventory into a module slot on your ship to equip them. Each module serves a specific purpose (for example, mining, attacking, or increasing speed). By adding a variety of modules to your spaceship, you may have access to additional features and capabilities. Voxorp's goal is to accumulate points and climb the ranks. To do so, you must build a foundation first!

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