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Share is a multi-player online multiplayer game with gameplay similarities to the popular and This game is played by a tiny cell. Your goal is to consume more cells while avoiding being eaten. allows you to compete with other cells, consuming their size in order to make yours bigger. It is a large, open area where the cells of players, their viruses, and barriers, as well as those of opponents, coexist.

To move the cell of the player around the field, you can use the mouse or keyboard on the computer. It is the players' objective to use their cells as a means of moving over and consuming smaller ones. A player's own cell can be broken into small fragments to allow the player to travel faster or encircle nearby cells and consume them.

There are two game types available: Teams and Free for All. Skins are a way for users to customize the look of their game cells. Here, you can find out more information about You will have a great time.

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How To Play

Use the mouse.


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