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Share is a competitive online game that's fun for friends and family and is great for having fun with your friends. You will compete against thousands of other players around the world to complete the obstacle course and stay alive. Avoid falling into pit traps, swinging bats, or floating platforms. Collect with the other players and keep your head down. This is a survival game where the fastest, strongest, and the meanest player wins. To get ahead of other players and win more, you may try to sabotage them. This is the game you should play if you enjoy a completely 3-D arena with skillful and determined men pushing their way to the top of the line. This amazing obstacle course game will have you leaping, ducking, diving, and smashing your way to the top!

How To Play

  • Move your astronaut trough the map using W A S D keys
  • Push player by pressing E
  • Jump by clicking Space Bar
  • Look around by moving your mouse

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