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Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars


Basketball Stars is the greatest two-player basketball game accessible to basketball fans. Madpuffers produced this game with outstanding 3D graphics and a number of gameplay options. You may also improve your players.

Basketball Stars offers elaborate, detailed, and exact aesthetics. This is obvious in the lines made on each player's body as well as the fluid and rhythmic striking techniques.

You want to be a member of the same team as Stephen Curry, Derrick Williams, and LeBron James. Basketball Stars allow you to compete with the best! In this game, you have two possibilities. One, you may play a brief match or a whole tournament. You may also play in two-player or single-player modes with your family and friends. It's thrilling to win a medal and see your name on the scoreboard.

How To Play

Player one

  • WASD - Move
  • B - Shoot / Take Action
  • S - Pump
  • V - Super shot
  • D twice - Dash

Player two

  • Arrow keys - Move
  • L-Shoot/Take action.
  • Down Arrow - Pump
  • K-Super shot
  • Double Left Arrow-Dash

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