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Share offers a fast-paced, 3D combat experience. Your goal is to steal the basketball from your opponent while avoiding their attacks and tossing it correctly back for points. This exciting game pits you against your rivals to see who can score the highest number of points and stop the opposing team from scoring.

What is your dominance on the court like? One only needs to grab the ball and throw it into a basket. You may be tempted to give the ball up to the opposing team. You can push the other team to return it if you see them trying to do so. This type of street ball has no penalty for getting the ball back. If you want to win, slam it in and keep your team's score above the opponent's. It's a wonderful game that will allow you to achieve your goal of becoming the greatest basketball player ever with its variety of ball types, characters, and courts.

If you like, we're sure you won't want to miss our chance to explore our 3D games. Have a nice time! 

How To Play

Use WASD or click and hold the mouse or touchscreen to move and automatically dunk the ball into the basket. Touch the stray ball to pick it up, and rush into adversary players with it to remove it from their hands. You can also defend your allies by obstructing opposing ball-carrying players. There's a time limit, so keep an eye on the clock. The team with the most points at the conclusion of the match triumphs. Win the tournament and defeat every other team to climb the online leaderboards.

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