Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena
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Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena is an online fighting game that has a soccer-based theme. To score, your player must direct his character towards the goal the opposing team is trying to defend. To win, you must have a higher score than your opponent.

The grassy field is a stunning recreation of the famous sport of football. Three-on-three football matches will be played between the three countries you choose. Before the start of the game, you will be able to select your national football team. If you want to succeed, you will have to show leadership and influence the other members of your team. The decisive factor in determining the winner will be the number of goals scored. Only 60 seconds are left for the matches. This is subject to a time limit. A goaltender is not allowed to be present.

You can choose between a one-player or two-player game. You can compete against real people or against the computer. 2 Foot Ball, a game similar to football, is becoming increasingly popular on many online gaming forums. Enjoy safety while having fun!


  • An exciting sporting battle game

  • There are many national soccer teams

  • Time is of the essence.

  • There are two kinds of games.

Battle Soccer Arena is one of the best 2 Player games you can play on Krunker.
This game works perfectly in modern browsers, no required installation and total free!
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