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Share is a multiplayer online game based on the popular PC game Among Us. You will be able to pick whether you want to play with random people or build your own game with pals right away. It is essential to sign up.

You will be separated into two groups in the game: crew and imposters. The latter's purpose is to undermine the other players' activities so that they are not revealed. The staff must do several jobs. Simultaneously, the other players must figure out who the impostor is. If you suspect someone, you may convene a meeting and decide on who to expel. You will be able to share and clarify your concerns during this meeting.

It's a fun game that's best played with friends, so invite them!

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Space bar or E to interact
  • M to open map
  • Esc to close opened interface

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