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Share allows you to climb the leaderboards by controlling the blocks, the physics, and other elements in an entertaining and challenging manner. By aiming the explosive at the correct angle and releasing it, you can blast your way to success. You might need to ascend, traverse, or even go through barriers. Avoid shooting yourself in the leg and get to the final zone before you run out of ammunition. You cannot reload. However, you can bypass certain levels by watching the advertisements that appear between them. You'll probably not make it because the game is so much fun. In this game, you can advance by firing explosives at your opponents. You should be able to reach the door by detonating your explosives. As quickly as possible, get to the level's exit and earn three stars. features a neon '80s aesthetic. features exciting puzzles and original gameplay that is built around an explosion mechanic (who does not like explosions?).

The game is never boring because you can always play more difficult levels. has the same multiplayer gameplay as Cookie Clicker, except that it uses explosives rather than cookies. Spacebar Clicker and Cookie Clicker City are two good options if you're looking for a game to play alone. Click on the large characters to create items.

How To Play

Use your mouse to aim your bombs and fly forward using the recoil.
Hint: Sometimes a level requires a fast response to get three stars. Use 'r' to restart so you can click right away.

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