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Bouncy Motors

Bouncy Motors

Bouncy Motors

Bouncy Motors


Bouncy Motors allows players to control a jelly car that navigates a variety of obstacles. Checkpoints can only be reached after completing the entire level. You can find more skins at various checkpoints on the route. Be very careful when driving on ice. Avoid driving in "red areas."

Despite the shaking of your vehicle, you must continue to drive. While you are trying to reach the target, be sure to keep your balance to ensure your safety. Concentrate on just one object. If you complete the course without going off the edge, then new masks could be on offer. If you drive through red zones, your wheels may come off. Be careful. Enjoy yourself, but be careful when driving in areas where there is a lot of snow and ice.


  • Drive your jelly vehicle across many stages!
  • Gain extra money by finishing the level more quickly.
  • Purchase multiple skins to build a stylish, distinctive-looking vehicle
  • The 2-player option allows you to play with a companion.

How To Play

PC Controls

  • W / up arrow key = drive forward
  • S / down arrow key = drive backward
  • A / left arrow key = rotate counterclockwise
  • D / right arrow key = rotate clockwise

Mobile Controls

  • Left joystick = drive forward and backward
  • Right joystick = rotate car

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