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Share allows you to control a vehicle that has a circular flair. Your flail must grow in size and be used to eliminate other players. Your flail is initially small, but it will grow as you accumulate crystals that are scattered around the map. Crystals can also be formed when an enemy is defeated. The bigger the crystals, the more they will be dropped.

Touching the flail of another player will cause you to be erased. Your flail can be used to touch other players and cause them to die. The game is fast-paced, so be careful and keep moving. If you get into the red zones, you will be instantly annihilated. Watch out for the little green triangle forms—you may run over them to gain bulk. Can you win the arena?

How To Play

  • Controls use your mouse to move
  • Controls left click to detach flail
  • Controls hold left click to attach a flail

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