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Share, a new arcade game, is innovative and original. You can participate in online 5v5 games and then exit. This game is included in the sports games category. does not require registration or logging in to be used. The goal of this game is to score as many points as possible or finish last among all players.

You will need to choose your car at the beginning of each game. Next, you will face the football field. You can press the accelerator as soon as you see the ball and then sprint in that direction. To hit the ball, you will need a vehicle to move it towards the goal of the opposing team. To score points, you must correctly score the ball into their goal. There are many other excellent games similar to

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How To Play

  • W - To accelerate forward
  • S - To reverse
  • A - Steer left
  • D - Steer right
  • Spacebar - Bumper Boost

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