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Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin Rubber Multiplayer

Burnin Rubber Multiplayer


Burnin Rubber Multiplayer, a next-generation vehicle combat video game, is an amazing and mind-blowing experience in which you have to defeat your opponents in a brutal multiplayer car battle just by pressing the gas. You can share the URL with your friends and ask them to fight, and you can spread the joy!

This multiplayer challenge will test your driving skills! Invite others to join you online and race against each other using the game link! This isn't a speed competition, it's an endurance race! Relax, buckle up and get ready for the hail of bullets! The only rules are to collect as many boosters and shoot anything that moves. Pay attention to the time remaining and your health bar. The green boost symbols will give you an advantage over your opponent by replenishing your health bar. You can purchase boosters at the store to unlock new attacks or do more damage. You can use the game chat to communicate with the game lobby or monitor the movements of the map to your left. Surprise your opponents with a brand new U-turn maneuver!

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How To Play

Keyboard and Mouse

  • (W)(A)(S)(D) / (Arrowkeys) : Drive
  • (Space) : Nitro
  • (Shift) : Drift
  • Double-Tap (Shift): U-Turn
  • (Z) / (LMB) : Fire Primary
  • (X) / (RMB) : Fire Secondary
  • (F) / (MMB) : Use Special Weapon
  • (C) : Look Behind
  • (1) – (0): Dialog Hotkeys
  • Hold (`) : Show Dialog Wheel
  • (V) : HUD Toggle
  • (ESC) / (P) : Pause


  • (Left stick) : Steer
  • (Right trigger) : Accelerate
  • (Left trigger) : Decelerate
  • (A) : Nitro
  • (B) : Drift
  • Double-Tap (B) : U-Turn
  • (Right shoulder) : Fire Primary
  • (Left shoulder) : Fire Secondary
  • (Y) : Use Special Weapon
  • (Right stick down) : Look Behind
  • Hold (D-Pad Up) : Show Dialog Wheel
  • (D-Pad Down) : HUD Toggle
  • (Start) : Pause

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