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Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse

Butcher Warehouse


Butcher Warehouse lets you manage a whole market. The decision has been made that you are going to be managing a meat shop. When you first start your enterprise, work for yourself. Set up your counters in an orderly manner by collecting eggs, chickens, and feed. Your young hero will now have to cross the entire stage, from one side to the other.

The irrigation of the maize is crucial. Also, you must feed your cows nutritious foods and take excellent care of them. It will take more workers for you to be able to bill customers quicker and replenish shelves when they become empty. You can boost your income by investing in improvements and new products. Take some time to enjoy yourself.

Idle Island, another very similar game to this one, is available. The game is also dependent on the money.


  • 3D graphics that pop
  • Playing is simple.
  • Investigate various features
  • Easily accessible boosters

How To Play

Butcher Warehouse doesn't offer keyboard controls. It also works best with a mouse on a flat surface or a stylus on a trackpad or touchscreen.

  • Mouse: To direct the stickman owner of the business, press the left button, and slide the mouse in the desired direction.
  • Mobile: To direct the stickman, press the trackpad or touchscreen, and slide the stylus on the surface.

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