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Share is a new multiplayer IO game that features a cartoon sword-fighting area. This action-packed IO game requires you to eat food in order to grow and survive. You can move around the area, eating as much as you like, and then use your sword to fight other players. To become the most powerful player on the server, it is important to move quickly to avoid being attacked.

It's best to avoid interacting with other players when you are just starting out. Instead, focus on collecting sweets and fruit. These will give you XP, which will help you level up and become stronger. Insects can also be used to gain experience. You will become stronger over time and your weapon will have more range. This will allow you to fight with other people.

The controls for this game are simple and straightforward, as with others in the genre. Move the mouse cursor in the desired direction to move, click on the left mouse button (to attack), and click on the right mouse button (to accelerate). Sometimes speeding up at the expense of experience points can be the only way to survive.

Are you ready to take part in the most exciting online battles? You can collect as many items as you want, making your opponent stronger and more powerful than you could ever imagine, and eventually defeating them all. Have fun!

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  • You gain important knowledge and experience via eating and combat.
  • Expand in size to take the top spot!
  • However, take care since a single strike would bring about loss.
  • Therefore, employ the speed boost option to escape.
  • You may use it to look for more food as well.

How To Play

The mouse or keyboard, or occasionally both, is typically used to control these kinds of online games.


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