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Color Pin

Color Pin

Color Pin

Color Pin


Color Pin is the online shooting game for you if you are looking for something challenging. You can have pinballs in two or more colors. These numbered balls are kept at the base. Learning how to play the game is simple because of its basic principles. But there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Match the colors of the pins with the pinball's in order to avoid hitting them. There are many stages to this online game, and each stage is more complex. By counting the pins, you can determine how many balls are to be fired. Do not panic if you make mistakes. You can continue playing the level until it is defeated. Do you believe you have the skills to complete all 125 levels in this game? Color Pin is available to play online for free.


  • A free, entertaining, and cool AA arcade game.

  • All ages are welcome.

  • It's intriguing and pretty addicting.

  • There are already over 125 levels, with more to come. Can you complete each level with the fewest retries?

  • The most effective technique to kill time in the restroom. To kill time in the restroom, play for free.

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How To Play

To play this free shooter game, click on the screen with your mouse or finger anytime you wish to fire a pin. Match the color of the pin to the color of the spinning ball while avoiding collisions with other pins on the ball.

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