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Share, a two-dimensional shooter game that is fun and entertaining. While spinning and feeling dizzy, try to score as many points as you can. Whirlwind Studios designed this game, which features fast-paced gameplay, strategic thinking, and cooperative play. The players compete against each other to outmaneuver their opponents and outgun them. is a multiplayer online game where players take on the role of Stormtroopers trapped in an upside-down universe filled with obstacles and rotating platforms. The tasks also defy gravity. It is the goal of this game to navigate through a disorienting environment while engaging in violent multi-player battles with other soldiers. The ability to achieve one's goal depends on a combination of accuracy, flexibility, and collaboration. You can target anything you want if you remove all your yellow stars. Good luck!


  • Arenas in the game are dynamic; they are everything but static. They rotate and move continuously, making the battlefield unpredictable and keeping players on their toes.
  • Teams of players participate in team-based battles, where collaboration is crucial. Work as a team to plan, take over strategic locations, and defeat the opposition.
  • Equip your warrior with a variety of strange and bizarre weaponry, each with its unique peculiarities and talents. Try out several load-outs to discover the one that best suits your playing style.
  • Throughout the arena, there are power-ups and pickups that may be collected in order to improve your weaponry, unlock special powers, or earn benefits.
  • Customization: Add unique skins, clothing, and accessories to make your warrior uniquely you. With your own flair, stand out in the hectic combat.

How To Play

Every contest begins with a brief period of preparation. Utilize this grace period to evaluate your surroundings and prepare for combat. Move with WASD, aim with the mouse, and use the left mouse button to discharge. Every male must contend for himself in this arena. Do not allow others to deplete the energy meter. Restore it completely for each fragment obtained. Keep moving to reduce the amount of injury you receive and amass beneficial incentives. The goal is to eradicate as many opponents as possible. Obtain the top spot on the leaderboards and hold it until the end.

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