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Dumpling Jumpling

Dumpling Jumpling

Dumpling Jumpling

Dumpling Jumpling


Dumpling Jumpling is a fun arcade game that follows a brave dumpling who escapes from a pot to pursue a brighter future. Transform into a dumpling to escape your pot. Jumping from one platform onto the next is required to reach the height requirement. You must create an escape plan before you begin the task. If you do not want to be eliminated by the bottle of fever, it is important to plan your jump.

Escape danger by using well-timed jumps and gaps you've carefully studied. This game requires quick thinking and laser-like concentration. Jumpling's adorable appearance makes it a fun game to play. If you are serious about getting a high grade, then persistence and hard work are required. You should try again if you don't succeed. Learning is easy with Mini Steps and other cute games.


  • Vivid 2D graphics
  • A sweet character from a dumpling
  • Engrossing and difficult gameplay
  • Logical controls
  • Play this level indefinitely if you'd want to

How To Play

Use the left mouse button, spacebar, or tap the screen to jump. Jump at the right time to avoid colliding with moving blocks. Earn points and improve your score. Arrange blocks in a row to earn extra points. Progress upward through the level to unlock new views.

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