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Egg Wars

Egg Wars

Egg Wars

Egg Wars


Egg Wars is an action shooter in 3D that features many game types. You can engage in an exciting egg fight in each. These eggs are all hardboiled, cold-blooded and armed warriors. They have nothing in common with your breakfast. Your value in the world is established by you also wearing your armor.

Join the egg-directed battle for eggs! You are worthy to win, regardless of your egg type. Grab your weapon, and get in the fight! To create a humorous avatar and win PvP 5x5 or Battle Royale battles, unlock skins and climb the world leaderboard. After you have entered the arena, your image and name may be altered. The battle can begin afterward. Wait for enemies to fall into your trap. Or, sprint around the battlefield and confuse your foes, shooting all that is in your path. Sharpen your senses and awaken your instincts for self-preservation. Backstabbers are everywhere. Select the best build for your fighting style, and then choose the appropriate weapons. For surprise gifts, make sure to visit the main menu during matches. Have fun!

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  • 10+ skinned modern guns like Desert Eagle, AK47, RPG, and more
  • Beautiful graphics and cool animations
  • Team PvP and Battle Royale modes
  • Easy play and smooth control
  • Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

How To Play

  • ASWD – Moves
  • R – Reload
  • Left mouse click – Shooting

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