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Football Juggle

Football Juggle

Football Juggle

Football Juggle


Football Juggle can be described as a simple soccer game that keeps you up at night. How long can you bounce the ball with your feet for? You can draw people in with your tricks. Your audience will be impressed if you can juggle well. Show off your skills in this new game of soccer for boys by learning as many advanced moves as you can.

This crazy football game will teach you how to juggle. To pass the ball, control a dummy. This free online soccer game will test your juggling skills. Practice ball control. This will allow you to score high in one of the most popular soccer games for boys. You can use the points to purchase stalls, pancakes, mama's tricks, shoulder masters, mama's jugglers, mama's jugglers, bees knees and half-milkshakes.

You will be able to win more fans by learning advanced soccer techniques. You will become a top soccer player and receive more applause. To score more, kick harder from the closer position. This pixel art physics game lets you hit the star. Avoid hitting blocks or the ground. Wait for the right moment and be patient! Will you be qualified for this World Cup season or not? Try it now!

How To Play


  • Click and drag the mouse to move your player’s feet
  • The side of the screen you click will determine which foot you lift


  • Use your finger to move your player’s feet
  • Tap, hold, and drag one foot to lift and move it

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