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Free Birds

Free Birds

Free Birds

Free Birds


The goal of Free Birds is to release the titular birds from their prison. You can do this by breaking the tethers. Show off your aim and accuracy by blasting the barricades down to release the birds.

You can aim your arrows using the mouse and turn the bow with your finger. You can boost the strength of your shot by dragging the cursor away from the arch and tightening up the bowstring. Avoid cages. Use the ropes instead.

If you cut the cord, birds can escape their cage. You'll get your heart broken if you miss. You're done playing the game once your heart count reaches zero. How many levels can you complete with the arrows that are left?

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- 2D visuals that are vivid
- Beautiful natural-themed backgrounds
- Exotic birds of beauty
- Increasing tactical abilities
- Mobile access is possible.

How To Play

  • Tap the bow and hold
  • Drag your finger or the cursor away from the bow to aim
  • Release to shoot

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