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Share is a fantastic multiplayer version of the game, which serves as the game's primary source of inspiration. Consume food, set traps for opposing snakes, and compete with other players to see who can climb the leaderboards the fastest. Compete against your friends and other players from all over the world when you play snake over the internet. In this game, your objective is to make your snake as long and as thick as you possibly can. Your goal should be to block your opponents' movement so that they run into you and then devour the food they have collected. You can play this game unblocked on any device, as well as a variety of other games, such as and Have a good time!


  • Neon glowing visuals are cool.

  • Movement and gameplay are fluid.

  • Minimap to see where other worms are.

  • Using the slider, you can change the color of your worm.

How To Play

Use mouse or finger to move your snake. Hold to accelerate.

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